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Social media marketing

We have various social marketing strategies, that are on offer for you and your business, to save you valuable time. Scroll down to see.

 You can have as much or as little impact as you would like, and will be messaged to create a thorough marketing plan. You can easily have the ideal social media strategy for your business to grow.

 This is done by Laura Bearne, who's learnt the ways of social media, by being an online small business owner herself.

How we can widen your audience

Social media marketing

Scroll down to explore the ways that your target audiences, and more, can be reached constantly.

Social marketing plans

Social media marketing

Have a look at our marketing plans, and see how our marketing can be tailored to you and your business

What we do for your accounts:

Unique social marketing plans

Have an exact idea of the social marketing plan you would like, but it is not listed here? No problem, message us a description of exactly what you would like below, and we'll send you a quote. I'm sure that Social Elbie's can help you get just what you're looking for:

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Social media account set up

Social media marketing

Setting up your social media accounts

Don't have a social media account, and don't know where to start?

 No problem, under as much, or as little, supervision as you want to give, we can set up your social media accounts in a way that best showcases your business.

 Scroll down to the 'Social marketing options' section, and select one of our account set up options for more details.

Social marketing options

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